Production is unaffected when a thermal survey is carried out.

Thermal imaging is a proven non-destructive, non-invasive, pro-active method of detecting electrical faults.   Temperature rise within a component or system is often associated with equipment failure.  Such temperature increases are often invisible to the naked eye and would not be recognised during a routine maintenance inspection but can be identified using an infrared camera.  

Without eliminating the need for regular maintenance, infrared thermal imaging may be a valuable aid in the day to day running of the plant.  Under load conditions the camera picks up the increased temperatures associated with equipment failure.  It takes seconds to store an image within the camera.  The stored images are used to create a report detailing the equipment, the fault and any recommendations.  On receipt of your report you have the information to enable you to prioritise repairs.  In the past experienced Redtech personnel have identified problems in electrical control panels with components running in excess of 100C above normal running temperatures.  In these situations isolation at the earliest possible moment is recommended!

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