It is estimated that just one poor connection may result in 25% of equipment failures!

The theory; thermal radiation, or heat, is constantly being emitted by all objects round us.  In general, the higher the temperature the more infrared radiation is emitted.  An infrared camera allows us to 'see' this radiation and the camera software converts this information to an accurate temperature reading.

The practice; overloaded circuits, unbalanced loads or loose, dirty or corroded connections usually result in increased temperatures.  These defects are not always visible to the naked eye but the infrared camera quickly picks up the increased temperatures associated with these and numerous other faults.

The result; early detection of poor connections and increased awareness of overloaded circuits resulting in corrections and repairs when you decide.  This should mean less unscheduled downtime, reduced maintenance costs and a safer working environment.  No promises, but you may find your days a little less fraught!    

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