Reduce maintenance costs and unscheduled downtime.

Our customers range from multinationals to single unit local sites.  Regardless of size, they all want to reduce unscheduled downtime, reduce maintenance costs and maximise profit.

Being more pro-active with the maintenance plan, small faults are discovered before they become big faults capable of threatening production. The early detection of faults allows repairs to be scheduled into shut down.  

Our customers find us in various ways.  Some customers require a thermal survey because their insurance company offers cheaper premiums or even refuses to insure them unless regular thermal inspections are carried out.  One customer thought infrared inspection sounded like a good idea but his boss did not see the need - it had not been done before so why should they do it now.  After the sister company burnt to the ground following a fire caused by an electrical fault we were called in.  Now they tell us that when year on year repair costs are analysed there is a significant reduction in maintenance costs! 

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